The ad-tech platform
for the metaverse.

Our mission is to help advertisers connect with metaverse developers, enabling developers to fund building their visions, and advertisers to reach new, exciting audiences.

Built for the
cutting edge

Focussed on simplicity.

Here at KadVR, we believe the metaverse represents the cutting edge of user interaction.

With millions of virtual and mixed reality devices and thousands of developers across the world, each day brings exciting new innovations and experiences.

We strive to do the same.

With our easy to use ecosystem, advertisers can access new audiences, and developers can create new revenue streams to build ideas.

KadVR integrates with the systems and tools you already know and trust, so you can focus on doing what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

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Reach brand
new audiences

Before anybody else.

Understanding how your content is being engaged with is the key to success for any advertising campaign.

With KadVR's advanced campaign metrics, budgets and reports, you have total control and visibility over how your audiences are engaging with your content.

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Here at KadVR, we're moving rapidly.

We're looking for metaverse Developers and Advertisers to work on building the next frontier of engagement with us!

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